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Time for Retreat

Last weekend, I took a few days for what I call a spiritual retreat. Twice a year, I spend a weekend listening to and reflecting on faith-promoting messages from my faith leaders. My practice is to prepare ahead, by doing all my usual weekend chores in advance, leaving the next two days for quiet note taking and contemplation. Once the weekend is over, I feel ready to tackle the next 6 months.

In today’s world of instant notifications, and always on connectivity, the concept of retreat is becoming increasingly rare. We seldom take time away, and when we do, it can be so action-packed and stress filled that we often need a vacation from the vacation. We see daily examples of people at the breaking point. And those breaking points can lead to illness, anger, addiction, or at the worst, to tragedy. At the very least, we can feel stuck and uninspired, which is a tragedy in itself.

Throughout history there have been people who set time apart for seclusion. Jesus himself would take time away to reflect and rest before continuing his work. It allowed him to catch his breath, plan his next steps, find inspiration, and return to his disciples, rejuvenated. Similarly, I submit that we too, need times away. It allows us to clear our heads, reconnect with family and friends, come up with new ideas, adds to our resilience and makes us ready to face the world once again.

What do you do to retreat? And how do you feel when you do?

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