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Small and Simple Things

Those who know me well know that I have a favorite soda beverage. I drink it every day. I had made sure to stock up before we were all sheltering in place, but after weeks of working from home, and now not even going to the grocery store, I was running low and beginning to feel desperate. I’m sure you’ve all been there in one way or another recently. So when I ordered groceries last week for pickup this week, I was thrilled to know I’d have a few more bottles to keep me going. That is, until…I received notice that the store was completely out of said beverage. Yikes! This threw me into a panic.

Hurriedly, I went online and checked Amazon, who did have some, but it wouldn’t arrive until next weekend – over 10 days from now. I did order some, but I knew my dwindling supply would not last that long, so I also ordered from Walmart. However, I could only order two at a time. So, feeling panicked and desperate, I ordered 2 of every type of packaging offered, just in case they were out of any of them. That worked out to 2 2-liter bottles, 2 six-packs of bottles, 2 twelve-packs of cans, and 2 twenty-four packs of cans. Do the math, and let’s just say that should be plenty, even for me. Again, my hope was that I’d at least get some of them, enough to get me through until my Amazon delivery was scheduled to arrive.

Segue to this morning, when just as I was getting ready to leave for my pickup time, I received a notification that the shipment was delayed by at least two hours. Things were not looking good for me. I was already in a bit of a funk this morning, and this didn’t really improve my mood. But in effort to turn my mood around, I checked in on several friends, which made me feel better. A small thing, but helpful. I attended a virtual company get-together and joked with everyone about my beverage woes. Another small, but helpful thing. And around 90 minutes later, I got word the shipment had arrived, and to come down and get my groceries. The message warned me there were many things missing, but to come pick up anyway.

I hurried and drove down there, pulled in and popped the trunk of my car (because that’s the way it is these days), and a gentleman checked my information. Several minutes later, he returns, stunned. Through the window he tells me I had received literally everything I had ordered (uncommon these days, as I can attest). I was stunned as well, not to mention thrilled. For me, it was a minor miracle. I felt like in that moment, I had been blessed by the powers above as a result of my efforts to change my attitude. I thanked the gentleman, told him he and his colleagues were doing a really good work, and suddenly he stopped, visibly touched. He then turned around and thanked ME, for saying something kind to HIM.

This is all a long-winded way of saying that we never can underestimate the powerful impact of small things in our lives. Whether it’s checking in on friends, attending a virtual coffee talk, or remembering to say thank you to the folks putting their lives on the line for us in these challenging times, small and simple things can and will bring great things to pass.

I’m interested to know. What is something small and simple you’ve done recently and how have you seen abundance result from it?

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