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Power of Disruption

I disrupted myself yesterday. It was a small matter, really. An associate and I had a difference of opinion on how I should do something. She wanted me to do it one way, and I had been taught to do it another. We both were certain our position was the correct one, and depending on who you ask, we were both right. But – it didn’t get us anywhere. Unless one of us changed, we were at an unhappy impasse. Which isn’t a great place to be when you both have a stake in the outcome. As the situation played out, a little voice in the back of my head told me I should let this one go. So – I disrupted myself. I changed my approach, and removed the impasse. I had made my point, my associate was happy, and the situation was resolved amicably.

Life is like that sometimes. In ways large and small, we are often asked to adjust. We may indeed be right (e.g. “comfortable”), but unless one of us actually changes, being “right” doesn’t get us much of anywhere. Unless it’s something that goes against our personal values, in the long run, having the courage to disrupt (e.g. “change”) can soften our hearts, and the hearts of those with whom we associate. It can also lead us to new opportunities that we hadn’t previously imagined. How can you disrupt yourself today?

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