It’s the week after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and the Holiday season is officially underway. But I haven’t been feeling particularly in the Holiday spirit. Not that I’m feeling down. On the contrary, I’ve been feeling pretty normal (or whatever might be considered normal these days). But I was a bit tired, and not really ready to go to all the effort of all the Holiday trappings. Yet, try as I might to delay them, the Holidays are coming, and I might as well embrace them. So – yesterday morning, I turned on some Christmas movies, addressed my Christmas cards, and got the decorations out. And what do you know, suddenly I was in the Holiday spirit.

Now, you might be asking what this all has do with our careers. I would submit that at various points in our careers, we can get a bit stuck. Just like when we know the Holidays are coming, we like our routines, we like our sense of stability, maybe we’re even physically and emotionally and so we go along, hoping that things will just continue as they are. We don’t really want to put forth the effort to make a positive change, or we’re terrified that we might get it wrong. However, if we just make a start, soon, the change may not be quite so intimidating. Whether it’s a small task like updating our resume, or having a “where is my career going” conversation with a boss, or reaching out to a connection, if we just start, soon we’ll see that we’ve nothing to lose but a few minutes of our time, and everything to gain from the enthusiasm and confidence we now feel in ourselves.

So – what are you waiting for? Just start!


  • Kathy

    I think your comments apply to so many parts of our lives. I love the Christmas Season! But I also love January for it’s time of New Beginnings. I think I get more accomplished in January than in any other month of the year. So I’m going to throughly enjoy the Season; be thinking about and making notes and preparing for what I’m going to accomplish at the beginning of a New Year. Thanks again Tracie for your thoughts!!

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