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Be a Great Employee


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Truth #2 – Life is full of ups and downs, and so are our jobs and careers, even in the best of times.
• There may be tasks we don’t enjoy
• There may be colleagues we don’t get along with
• We may not work on exciting projects
• We may not like the schedule we’ve been given

However – Every job is an opportunity to grow in new and challenging ways. If we always do our best:
• We will develop and maintain a solid professional reputation
• We will earn the respect of our employers
• We will feel better about ourselves and our contributions.

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Great Employees Minimize Distractions

Truth #3 – Multi-tasking, along with constant access to our phones, and other devices has literally driven us to distraction. Great employees are not distracted.
Symptoms of Distraction:
• We’re tuned out in work meetings
• We’re behind in our work tasks
• We’re not present with family, friends and colleagues
• We’re unable to focus
• We feel stressed and sometimes depressed

Tips for Minimizing Distractions

Plan your workday in advance and prioritize tasks
• Schedule time in your calendar for focused work
• Turn off Desktop and Phone Notifications, and set your Chat status to Do Not Disturb
• When attending meetings, put your phone in a drawer, or in another room.


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There may be times when  we’re asked to take on new tasks or responsibilities. This can be intimidating, and at times disruptive to

 our routines. Great employees anticipate and accept new opportunities.

However – In these situations, it is usually good to take the opportunity to step outside our comfort zones and grow our capabilities:
• It can broaden our impact
• It can broaden our skill set
• It can improve our resilience
• It can lead to even more opportunities

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Truth #4 – In times of uncertainty, employers are more likely to retain employees who provide value and help solve problems. Great employees provide value.

Tips to Provide Value:
• Ask your Boss
• Look for opportunities to help your teammates and business partners
• Solve problems, don’t create them
• Know your stuff

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Record Your Accomplishments – and share them with your Bosses

Truth #5 – Bosses are busy, and don’t always know what we’re working on, or how we’re contributing. Annual Performance Reviews are not the best time to make sure they know. Great employees track and record their accomplishments and share them with their Bosses.

Tips For Recording your Accomplishments:
• Put regular one on one time on your Boss’s calendar
• Keen an Accomplishment journal and send your Boss a weekly update
• Make it about outcomes

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle • Decide now to be a great employee and always do your best • Be a great employee by minimizing distractions • Say YES to new opportunities • Be a great employee by providing value • Make sure they know you’re a great employee by recording your accomplishments
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